PTI Foundation Scholarships

In 1992, a group of community volunteers pledged their commitment to Perry Technical Institute by forming the Perry Technical Foundation. The foundation’s mission is to raise funds for student scholarships, loans, instructional equipment, and capital improvements which enrich learning on the Perry campus.

With the support of alumni, community members, foundations, and industry, Perry Technical Foundation has established a strong scholarship program designed to assist current students working toward their career goals. Over the last five years, Perry Technical Foundation has awarded nearly $2 million in scholarships to deserving students.

Perry Technical Foundation scholarships are offered to current Perry Technical Institute students in the spring and fall of each year. The number of scholarships varies depending on available funding.

In addition to scholarships provided by Perry Technical Foundation, the Foundation Office maintains a list of outside scholarships available to Perry Tech students. Scholarship information is accessible in Student Services, the Financial Aid Office and at Please visit the Foundation Office for more information or for assistance in completing scholarship applications.