Disability Accommodations

It is the policy of Perry Technical Institute (PTI) to comply with all federal and state laws concerning facility access and the education of qualified individuals with disabilities. PTI will provide reasonable accommodations to students if the school is notified that a student with a disability requires an accommodation in order to pursue or continue training at Perry Technical Institute. An accommodation is not intended to lower or to substantially modify a course of study or its standards or expectations. PTI will work with the student to reasonably accommodate him or her so that he or she can learn in the classroom and lab settings, unless the accommodation causes undue hardship, fundamentally alters the program or course of study or causes undue financial burdens.

Contact the Education Department with any questions or requests for accommodation, by email ada@perrytech.edu, or by phone 509.453.0374. Information related to an accommodation request will be treated as confidential, except that: a) faculty and department heads may be informed, on a need-to-know basis, regarding necessary restrictions on the work or assignments of the student and any necessary accommodations, b) first aid and safety personnel may be informed, when appropriate, if the disability might require emergency treatment, and c) government officials investigating compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act shall be provided relevant information on request. The Education Department may require professional documentation to support a request for certain accommodations.

ADA Grievance Procedure

Perry Technical Institute prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability by faculty, staff, students, and visitors. Perry Technical Institute has adopted an internal grievance procedure providing for the prompt and equitable resolution of complaints by any member of the Perry Technical Institute community.

The procedure can be viewed at perrytech.edu/diversity/disabilities.html. Any applicant, student, staff, faculty, or visitor who believes they have been the subject of discrimination on the basis of disability (or is unsatisfied with accommodations provided) may submit a grievance under this procedure.

The Benefits Manager has been designated to coordinate the efforts of Perry Technical Institute to comply with Section 504 and the ADA for students. They can be reached by phone at 509.453.0374 x5782, and by email at benefits@perrytech.edu.