Conduct Standards

Admission to Perry Technical Institute carries with it the expectation that students will conduct themselves as responsible members of the school community, that they will comply with the rules and regulations of the institution, maintain high standards of integrity and honesty, respect the rights, privileges, and property of other members of the school community, and will not interfere with legitimate Perry Technical Institute affairs.

Perry Technical Institute maintains the right to make and enforce rules for conduct. This includes the right to dismiss at any time a student whose conduct, academic standing, or health is such that the administration believes it undesirable for that student to continue at Perry Technical Institute.

In all instances of student conduct policy violations, Perry Technical Institute adheres to the preponderance of evidence standard. Under a preponderance of evidence standard, a decision of responsibility is based on whether it is “more likely than not” that the alleged policy violation occurred. Determining responsibility under a preponderance of evidence standard requires that more than 50% of the evidence points toward an individual responsible for the policy violation in question.