Termination of Enrollment


Students who voluntarily withdraw from school must complete a withdrawal form and have it signed by specified school officials in order to officially close their records. Withdrawal forms are available from the dean of education.

Administrative Withdrawal

A student withdrawing from Perry Technical Institute due to circumstances outside their control may be eligible for an administrative withdrawal. Grades for administrative withdrawals will not be included in calculating the student’s term or career grade point average. A student’s eligibility for an administrative withdrawal will be determined by the dean of education at the time of the student’s termination of enrollment. A student approved for an administrative withdrawal will be assigned a grade of AW.


Perry Technical Institute reserves the right to dismiss students for any of the following reasons:

  1. Violation of probation
  2. Violation of a last chance agreement (exceeding three probations)
  3. Three consecutive days of unexcused absences without notification
  4. Scanning another student’s card for attendance
  5. Aggressive, harassing, or discriminatory acts against other students or employees
  6. Failure to pay tuition, fees, books, or tools
  7. Failure to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
  8. Failure to follow school procedures and policies
  9. Acts of theft or dishonesty
  10. Failure to comply with safety regulations
  11. Malicious damage to school property
  12. Insubordinate acts against staff or other Perry Technical Institute employees
  13. Drug/alcohol abuse
  14. Disruption of the learning environment

The dean or associate dean of education will conduct a full hearing of the facts and make a recommendation to the president. The authority to dismiss a student is vested in the president and the president’s decision following a review of the facts is final. In the event of the president’s absence, the authority to dismiss a student is vested in the dean of education.

After terminating enrollment, students will not be allowed back into the classroom or lab area for forgotten items without permission from the dean of education.

Appeal Procedure

A student who has been dismissed and wishes to appeal that decision must submit a letter to the school president within three business days of the dismissal. The letter must describe any and all circumstances deserving of further consideration. The president will convene an appeal committee consisting of the department head, instructor, and designated representatives of the school in order to review the appeal. The student will be notified within one week of the official appeal decision.


Students intending to re-enroll after withdrawing or being dismissed from Perry Technical Institute are required to write a letter addressed to the appropriate dean that clearly states the following:

  1. The reason for termination
  2. The actions taken during the termination period to resolve the problem
  3. His/her plan to successfully complete the program

After submitting the letter, the student must meet with the dean to discuss the re-enrollment request. The decision to permit a student to re-enroll will be based on the dean’s evaluation of the letter and meeting, the reason for termination of enrollment, and the student’s likelihood to successfully complete the program after re-enrolling. The authority to approve or deny a re-enrollment request lies with the dean of education, and re-enrollment decisions are final.