Campus Security Policy

Security is achieved through the cooperation and participation of all members of the institution. All staff, faculty, students, and visitors are expected to promptly and accurately report all crimes and public safety-related incidents to the Facilities & Safety Department or the appropriate local police agency. 

Call 911 if the situation poses an immediate threat or if a non-emergency criminal violation occurred.

Individuals on campus may also report crimes to a designated Campus Security Authority (CSA), which are all PTI employees and contracted security personnel. These designated individuals have significant responsibility for student and campus activities, and as such are provided notice and training by PTI as to the extent of their responsibility and how to report crimes to PTI.


Call to report an emergency or non-emergency criminal  violation  911
Director of Facilities & Safety  509.895.5790
Campus Security Guard on Patrol  509.834.0631
Campus Security Authority, Any PTI Employee 509.453.0374
Campus Security Hotline 509.895.5898
Online Incident Report Form