Distance Learning Procedure

Two learning management systems are used in conjunction to offer the most well-rounded experience to our students. The first is Jenzabar’s eLearning platform (myPerryTech) which hosts student discussions and allows access to student grades. The second is McGraw-Hill’s eLearning platform (Connect) which allows students to watch audio-visual presentations hosted by the instructor, read relevant assigned material and complete independent work related to the topic. Assignments can also be corrected with feedback to encourage students to improve their work.

To attend distance education courses offered by Perry Technical Institute, students must access Perry Technical Institute’s learning management systems using a secure user name and
password. The user name and password provide secure login credentials and are assigned to the student as part of the student registration process. Perry Technical Institute ensures student privacy rights are strictly protected. In the event a student requests an account password reset, photo identification is required.

Online courses may also require proctored exams. The use of proctored exams is determined by the instructor as indicated by the course syllabus. Proctored exams are taken on-site in Perry Technical Institute's Exam Center. Upon arrival, students will present photo identification to verify identity.