Purpose of the Harriet I. Perry Trust

“The purpose of this trust is the creation, establishment, erection, equipment, maintenance, and endowment of an educational institution to be located on or near the vicinity of Yakima, Washington, to be known as THE J.M. PERRY INSTITUTE OF TRADE, INDUSTRIES AND AGRICULTURE, to provide courses of instruction and training of a practical nature and confined to the technical area of such trades, industries, and branches of agriculture as shall qualify and prepare the students to enter a gainful occupation and fill working positions in respective fields of trade, industry, and agriculture in which courses of instruction and training shall be given by the Institute. All applicants for admission to the Institute shall be not less than sixteen (16) years of age, and shall possess a high school education or the equivalent thereof, and shall be admitted upon such terms or payment, not to be prescribed with a view to profit, as may be determined by the trustees in the case of each applicant for admission, depending on the merits, fitness, and qualifications to benefit by the courses of instruction given by the Institute, PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that said Institute shall be open to all persons upon equal terms who possess the qualifications established for admission thereto.” (Trust Deed dated December 20, 1939)