History of Perry Technical Institute

History of Perry Tech

As a gift to the Yakima community and a lasting memorial to her late husband, Harriet I. Perry founded Perry Technical Institute in 1939. The school was designed to train ambitious people in skilled occupations. Curriculum was streamlined to eliminate non-essentials, ensuring that students left with the knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs necessary to go directly into industrial positions. The school opened to 211 students in January 1941 and has operated continuously for the next 80 years.

Perry Technical Institute is housed in the same location that it was in 1939. It has built upon its rich history to continue to meet the needs of employers throughout the area. Perry now offers 14 programs and serves more than 700 students.

Over the years, Perry Technical Institute has tailored its programs to meet the needs of industry. While the course offerings have changed in response to these needs, the mission of the school has remained the same. Perry Technical Institute serves industry by preparing workers with both technical skills and positive work habits. The school serves students of all ages and walks of life, equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need for careers that offer family-supportable wages, job security, benefits, and opportunities for advancement.