About Perry Technical Institute

Mission Statement

Educate, empower, and equip students for lifelong careers in industry.

Vision Statement

To fulfill the demand for highly skilled professionals as a nationally recognized institution known for our unique and relevant career training.

Campus Map

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Purpose of the Harriet I. Perry Trust

“The purpose of this trust is the creation, establishment, erection, equipment, maintenance, and endowment of an educational institution to be located on or near the vicinity of Yakima, Washington, to be known as THE J.M. PERRY INSTITUTE OF TRADE, INDUSTRIES AND AGRICULTURE, to provide courses of instruction and training of a practical nature and confined to the technical area of such trades, industries, and branches of agriculture as shall qualify and prepare the students to enter a gainful occupation and fill working positions in respective fields of trade, industry, and agriculture in which courses of instruction and training shall be given by the Institute. All applicants for admission to the Institute shall be not less than sixteen (16) years of age, and shall possess a high school education or the equivalent thereof, and shall be admitted upon such terms or payment, not to be prescribed with a view to profit, as may be determined by the trustees in the case of each applicant for admission, depending on the merits, fitness, and qualifications to benefit by the courses of instruction given by the Institute, PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that said Institute shall be open to all persons upon equal terms who possess the qualifications established for admission thereto.” (Trust Deed dated December 20, 1939)

History of Perry Technical Institute

History of Perry Tech

As a gift to the Yakima community and a lasting memorial to her late husband, Harriet I. Perry founded Perry Technical Institute in 1939. The school was designed to train ambitious people in skilled occupations. Curriculum was streamlined to eliminate non-essentials, ensuring that students left with the knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs necessary to go directly into industrial positions. The school opened to 211 students in January 1941 and has operated continuously for the next 80 years.

Perry Technical Institute is housed in the same location that it was in 1939. It has built upon its rich history to continue to meet the needs of employers throughout the area. Perry now offers 14 programs and serves more than 700 students.

Over the years, Perry Technical Institute has tailored its programs to meet the needs of industry. While the course offerings have changed in response to these needs, the mission of the school has remained the same. Perry Technical Institute serves industry by preparing workers with both technical skills and positive work habits. The school serves students of all ages and walks of life, equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need for careers that offer family-supportable wages, job security, benefits, and opportunities for advancement.


The Perry Technical Institute campus is located at 2011 W. Washington Ave., on approximately 35 acres of land on the southwest edge of Yakima, Washington, across the street from the Yakima Air Terminal.

Perry Technical Institute's facilities include classrooms, labs, study areas, an auditorium, a learning resource center, and gathering spaces that encourage interactions between students, employees, and community members. All classrooms integrate advanced technology wherever possible, including mounted projectors, projection screens and/or interactive whiteboards, and technologies that capture, print, and transmit images and text. Spaces are provided to support student needs including outdoor parks and recreation, food service areas, and computer labs with wireless connectivity. The campus also hosts administrative functions and staff including enrollment, financial aid, registrar, academic support, facilities & safety, veterans services, human resources, information technology, and career services.

Hours of Availability

The Perry Technical Institute main office is open Monday through Thursday from 6:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding school closures and holidays. See the academic calendar for a complete list of scheduled school closures.

The Learning Resource Center is open Monday through Thursday from 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Academic Calendar 2021-22

SUMMER QUARTER 2021 June 23 Summer Quarter Begins

July 5
Independence Day Observed, No Day Classes

August 2 - 13 Summer Break, No Classes

September 6
Labor Day, No Classes

September 23 Summer Quarter Ends, Graduation
FALL QUARTER 2021 September 28
Fall Quarter Begins

November 11 Veterans Day, No Classes

November 25 - 26
Thanksgiving, No Classes

December 15 Fall Quarter Ends, Graduation

December 16 - 31
Winter Break, No Classes
WINTER QUARTER 2022 January 3
Winter Quarter Begins

January 17
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, No Classes

February 21
Presidents Day, No Classes

March 23 Winter Quarter Ends, Graduation
SPRING QUARTER 2022 March 28
Spring Quarter Begins
  April 4 - April 8
Spring Break, No Classes

May 30
Memorial Day, No Classes

June 16 Spring Quarter Ends, Graduation

Changes Disclaimer

This catalog is current as of the date of publication. Perry Technical Institute reserves the right to make changes at any time to any provision of this catalog, including the amount of tuition and fees; academic programs and courses; Perry Technical Institute policies and procedures; faculty and administrative staff; academic calendar; and other dates and provisions. Perry Technical Institute also reserves the right to make changes in equipment and instructional materials, to modify curriculum and, when size and curriculum permit, to combine classes.

From time to time, it may be necessary for Perry Technical Institute to make changes to this catalog due to the requirements and standards of Perry Technical Institute’s accrediting body, state authorization agency or the United States Department of Education, or due to the market conditions, employer needs or for other reasons.

To see the most current version of the catalog, please visit perrytech.edu/catalog.