Perry Technical Institute reserves the right to dismiss students for any of the following reasons:

  1. Violation of probation
  2. Violation of a last chance agreement (exceeding three probations)
  3. Three consecutive days of unexcused absences without notification
  4. Scanning another student’s card for attendance
  5. Aggressive, harassing, or discriminatory acts against other students or employees
  6. Failure to pay tuition, fees, books, or tools
  7. Failure to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
  8. Failure to follow school procedures and policies
  9. Acts of theft or dishonesty
  10. Failure to comply with safety regulations
  11. Malicious damage to school property
  12. Insubordinate acts against staff or other Perry Technical Institute employees
  13. Drug/alcohol abuse
  14. Disruption of the learning environment

The dean or associate dean of education will conduct a full hearing of the facts and make a recommendation to the president. The authority to dismiss a student is vested in the president and the president’s decision following a review of the facts is final. In the event of the president’s absence, the authority to dismiss a student is vested in the dean of education.

After terminating enrollment, students will not be allowed back into the classroom or lab area for forgotten items without permission from the dean of education.