DoD Tuition Assistance Program

The Department of Defense requires Perry Technical Institute to disclose the cost per credit as referenced below. These rates vary depending on the program of interest. Please note these rates include tuition only. For specifics on cost of books, training materials, uniforms, and other associated costs, please refer to Tuition and Fees.

Cost per Credit of 6-Month Program
 PTD $285.71 
 Cost per Credit of 12-Month Programs
 AET  $259.57
 AUTO  $235.82
 CST  $248.13
 MED  $241.54
 MOAC  $227.14
 PLMB  $247.99
 PMM  $236.27
 WLD  $234.29
 Cost per Credit of 18-Month Program
 BTA  $226.72
 Cost per Credit of 24-Month Programs
 ELEC  $242.09
 HVAC/R  $225.80
 INSTRU  $254.59
 ITCS  $286.92